China high quality Crane Duty Helical Gearbox near me manufacturer

Crane Duty Gear Boxes are the type of gear system which is specifically designed and constructed for wide range of crane duty applications. Basically, for horizontal gear units helical gearbox is used and for vertical gear units spur gears are recommended. The bearings used in these gearboxes are friction free and have excellent service life. Fitted with large oil reservoir, it is able to provide maximum thermal efficiency.


The gear units are specifically designed for most of crane duty related applications

Horizontal gear units consist of helical gears while in vertical gear units, the reduction is provided through spur gearing.

All pinions are properly attached with the shafts. Materials required for gears are usually forged from high grade alloy or carbon steel.

Gears teeth are precisely cut with metric module system as per the appropriate standard specifications.

The housings are made up of cast iron and well machined with accurate tolerance that guarantees perfect alignment of gears.

Anti-friction bearings are fitted that ensure long service life and excellent efficiency.


The rigid housing made up of grained cast iron helps to safely transmit forces and loads

Maximum thermal efficiency owing to large oil reservoir

To ensure accurate tooth contact, parallel bearing bores are maintained

High tolerance

High efficiency even when loaded to full capacity

Precision gearing and accurate bearing alignment enables high efficiency

Anti-friction bearings helps to maintain high efficiency

Positive seals avoid oil leakage during both high speed and low speed

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